Sunday, October 11, 2009

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Photos from Lamborghini Factory - Lamborghini Murcilago SV.

Lamborghini FactoryThe entrance to the Lamborghini factory and its newest model, the Lamborghini Murcilago SV. Lamborghinis factory in SantAgata Bolognese, Italy (20 miles north of Bologna) is produce luxury car the Murcielago SV. A curious fact will be made only 350 cars of this model. Cost Murcielago SV is $ 450,000. At the plant, cars produced by hand, including the engine and body. Only 2.7 cars are completed per day.

Lamborghini FactoryAn orange Lamborghini Murcilago Super Veloce is finishing its last diagnostics.

Lamborghini FactoryThe engine diagnostic test. The test takes 2 hours in a hot test chamber.

Lamborghini FactoryThe final product Lamborghini is in a paint color called Arancio Atlas.

Lamborghini FactoryThe body shell in the paint booth, it is hand painted by a team of two painters. One painter paints the inside and another paints the exterior.

Lamborghini FactoryA Lamborghini Murcilago SV is being put through the roll test. Braking, transmission and the ability to handle speed are checked.

Lamborghini FactoryLamborghini engine assembler, installs the twelve pistons into an engine block destined to power a Murcilago. On one engine will take about an hour.

Lamborghini FactoryLamborghini test driver. All Lamborghini's are tested on public roads after they are completed.

Lamborghini FactoryLamborghini FactoryLamborghini Factory
Speed test Lamborghini Murcilago SV the Italian countryside and city.

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Source: NGC/Hoff Productions