Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Unveiling Volvo’s Concept Car

One of my close friends really does love concept cars. Not only because of their unique styles and unique features but because of the fact that these concept cars are produced only once in a lifetime and there are very rare cases when these become production vehicles. More often than not, concept cars continuously become concept cars and later on museum displays.

Making its rounds in the auto industry is the rumor of a new vehicle from Volvo that is cooler than the cool air the Volvo cooling system parts can produce. What is cool about this new concept vehicle is not how it looks like but actually because of its environmentally friendly feature. Volvo calls the new concept car the Volvo XC60 and it has been said that it is combination of a coupe and a sports utility vehicle.

The vehicle comes with a bio ethanol engine with six cylinders. Volvo says that this engine has the capacity and capability to cut down on emissions of fossil carbon dioxide not only by some twenty or fifty per cent but actually of a whooping eighty per cent. In fact, the company does say that with the Volvo XC60, you not only get a safe ride (which is a trademark of the company) but you also do get a vehicle that does not add up to Mother Nature’s problems.

City Safe. This is what Volvo describes the Volvo XC60 concept vehicle. It has got an active collision avoidance system which has been specially engineered and designed so as to lessen or even completely avoid damage from low speed rear impacts. What happens is that when the Volvo XC60 is following a vehicle which suddenly brakes, the City Safety feature is the one that senses that a collision is imminent. What this one would do would be to actually pre charge the brakes of the vehicle so as to avoid any kind of accident. The City Safe feature can also make the car brake automatically if it senses any accident happening.

If the company does continue on with its plans on making the Volvo XC60 as a production vehicle, you should expect the vehicle to come to the nearest showrooms in your area in the year 2009.