Thursday, February 22, 2007

142.700 glass stones for four MINI car

Bisazza craftsmen have encrusted each MINI with over 30,000 colored glass stones, creating four “artomotive” masterpieces in the themes of a Zebra, Summer Flowers, Tartan plaid and a Dama. The glass, each one-half inch by one-half inch in size were used to transform the vehicles, with 31,700 glass stones laid on each convertible and 37,004 on each coupe.
The MINI wears Bisazza design was created by Carlo dal Bianco and Marco Braga. The MINI Convertibles in Zebra and Dama Design have a mosaic surface of 6 sqm. The two MINI cars in the Summer Flowers and Tartan Design have a surface of 7 sqm each. The mosaics were created using glass stones which are only 12 x 12 mm in size. More than 30 thousand glass stones are required for a MINI in Bisazza dress: 31,700 for the MINI Convertibles, 37,004 for the closed MINI version. After careful analysis of the MINI shapes and materials, the challenge above all was to make the patterns and colours look homogeneous in three dimensions.
MINI Press