Friday, March 16, 2007

2009 Audi A7 Cabriolet

2009 Audi A7 Cabriolet2009 Audi A7 Cabriolet The Audi A7 will initially be offered as a four-door coupe that’s scheduled to go on sale in early 2009, but a cabriolet variant is expected to join the lineup towards the end of that same year.
Some unique styling features that could be implemented include hidden rear door handles, LED lighting and a pillar-less glasshouse.
The Audi A7 will be positioned above the A6 sedan and will be based on the new extended platform that will be used for the Audi A8 limo. The large car wheelbase will ensure that rear passengers have adequate space, and should provide levels of comfort and dynamics similar to the more premium Audi A8. The flexible architecture is the same design used for the new A5 coupe, and it will eventually spawn several key models for Audi including the next generation A4, A6, A8 and Q5 line of cars. This means that the Audi A7 will also benefit from the relocated engine and transmission positioned close to the firewall to improve weight distribution and balance.
The expected engine offerings will include several gasoline and TDI powerplants, kicking off with a 3.2L gasoline V6 and moving up to the Lamborghini-derived V10 unit reserved for a potent S7 model. The range topping sports version should also pick up the new magnetic-ride suspension and quattro AWD as standard.

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