Thursday, March 22, 2007

SMART ForTwo Trailer Concepts

SMART Trailer ConceptsSMART Trailer ConceptsSMART Trailer Concepts
It’s hard to be trailer trash and be earth-friendly at the same time. Homes on wheels often require a large gas-guzzler to move them around. And who doesn’t have a spare Trans-Am or two, up on blocks, ready to park in front? DC’s smart brand is keenly aware of the downmarket and in anticipation of its U.S. entrée next year, it’s sketching out ideas for trailer attachments—because the first thing you want to do with a teensy two-seat, three-cylinder city car is add more weight to the rear end. Smart says these three ideas for trailers were inspired by possible uses of its future owners—but really, we don’t know many trailer enthusiasts in rural Georgia who’d prefer smart’s bike trailer to a good Winnebago on the back, with its own deck, two-man inflatable hot tub and chilli-pepper Christmas lights. Ah well, back to the drawing board.